Social Media

We’ve all been hearing that it’s almost essential to have a social media presence now. While at the same time some of us think that social media is so casual that doing serious business through it, is a myth. So, let’s take a quick look at the social media user statistics:

1 billion+ monthly users
161 million + users
170 million+ users
230 million + users
800 million + users
6 million + users

If we look at some more numbers just from the top most social platform Facebook alone:

56% of the consumers said that they are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after becoming a fan on Facebook^.

When it comes to liking a brand on Facebook, 58% people said that they “liked” a brand because they were a customer and 57% said they did so in order to receive discounts and promotions.^

(^ Source: Mashable, one of best blog/ website that covers social media news and statistics, recognized by industry experts like Time, etc. and users alike with over 50 million+ monthly pageviews.)

The figures above show the widespread reach and opportunities that social media platforms have to offer to businesses worldwide. It is a great way to drive repeat business and attract new customers simultaneously.

Our experts help you with setting the right social media presence (Facebook, You Tube) in order for you to move from the traditional one-way communication to the new two-way communication with your clients and prospects. This facilitates information sharing by your company and as well as the users interacting with you through comments and posts at the same time.

In addition to the presence on various platforms, using social media marketing can be every effective for your business. This helps you narrow down to your potential customers based on their preferences, online behavior, age group, location, gender etc. The advantage is that a campaign created after such specific analysis and audience filtering is very effective. This brings your brand to the most relevant audience, talks about your products/ services, engages them through posts and comments, resulting in content sharing by them and a viral marketing effect.

We are here to work to work with you in order to design your social media promotion strategy, with various services like:

  • creating a professionally designed page integrated with apps to engage your audience
  • manage your pages
  • manage your sponsored campaigns (paid ads)
  • create a custom Facebook Application for your business

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